Relax your body and mind with the calming sounds of nature from various sources and settings, through all the four seasons of the year. Ultra high definition 4K nature videos with forest sounds, small and large rivers flowing, beautiful waterfalls falling down, and more that are perfect as calming background sounds for working, studying, falling asleep faster or just relaxing. Set the videos to full size and turn your monitor or TV into a nature screensaver with gorgeous Northern Norwegian nature. The nature videos on this site is original and exclusive content filmed on my hikes, whenever i have stumbled upon beautiful locations worth filming. Follow Sound of Nature at the social media sites below to stay updated on new nature sounds

Nature Sound Categories
Forest Sounds

Visit an enchanted autumn forest and watch or listen to nature sounds in 4k, and do it without leaving wherever you are now!

Waterfall Sounds

What could be more relaxing after a stressful day than waterfall noises? Here, you can listen to loud and soft waterfall noises for hours.

Water Sounds

In this section of Nature Sound Videos, you can listen to the sound of water in the form of river sounds, stream sounds, creek sounds, etc.

Ocean Sounds

Norway is arguably the best place in the world for ocean footage and ocean sounds. The ocean here can be serene or violent, but the sounds it makes are always soothing and peaceful

Bird Sounds

Nature Sound Videos loves birds, and we love bird sounds! We know you do too. That is why we have dedicated an entire portion of our website and YouTube channel to bird sounds.

Rain Sounds

Rain sounds are perfect for studying, meditatating, relaxing, or even putting the baby to sleep. Listen here for endless hours of soft and loud rain noise

Wind Sounds

If you are trying to get to sleep, wind sounds are the perfect white noise to get to 'lights out.'