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Sound of Nature is a compilation of white noise outdoors footage and sounds, created by nature lovers for other nature lovers. We record all of our endless hours of video and sounds ourselves, bringing a unique experience to our visitors that cannot be found anywhere else online. Sound of Nature is not another cheesy online nature sounds website or YouTube channel. We actually ad value to the Internet.

Our adoration for the wild and the unexplored - as well as our experience in filming with the latest and best digital technology - ensures that our guests have access to pristine, crystal-clear ambient nature sounds/video 24/7/365. Take a hike with us through virgin forests, wind-swept coastline, rolling hills, and antiquated mountains as we find and share with you nature at its finest.

Join us from your living room, office, car, or anywhere else. All you need is an Internet connection and a device. Simply save our website in your favorite browser for easy anytime access. Whether you are looking for natural white noise to drown out stressful artificial noise, nature sounds for study, spiritual locations for meditation or the playful banter of chirpy birds to fall asleep to; you can find what you're looking for any time, right here.

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At Sound of Nature, it is our mission to provide our guests with the best nature recordings on the planet. We ask you to take an active role in helping us make our service better. Subscribe, become a member, share your two cents. Let us know what you like and don't like - what you want to hear and see and what you don't want to hear or see.

If you are an outdoors enthusiast like us, you will benefit immensely from our recommended outdoors affiliate products so that you can capture nature at its best by yourself. We recommend all of the products that we use for our visitors, and we only recommend the products that we use and love. This includes cameras, microphones, compasses, and all sorts of gear and equipment that can help you enjoy the outdoors safely.

Sound of Nature also provides informational products and exclusive services, such as free and premium outdoor educational materials, including online video and photography lessons, video editing lessons, and more!

Join Us on Our Voyage

You are invited to become a member of our community. We want you to spend a few minutes on our website, get to know your way around, and find the videos and sounds you love. We have compartmentalized our videos into need categories, such as Waterfall Noises, Bird Sounds, Wind Sound, and more. This way, we make it easy for our website users to find hours upon hours of relaxing video.

The secret of the quality in our recordings is the equipment that we use. The quality also comes from meticulous attention to detail. We don't need to edit our footage, and we don't want to. We take the right steps to capture nature the way we want to show it to the world. What we see and hear is what our guests see and hear.