Autumn Forest: 24+ Hrs of Forest Noises and HD Forest Video | Sound of Nature

The autumn forest is one of the most beautiful and enchanting natural phenomenons on earth, and Norway is home to some of the best of them!  Once a year, all of the leaves on the trees turn a brilliant gold, yellow, red, brown, and even blue color, falling off, and blanketing the forest floor, creating a magical appearance and a natural mulch that will make the soil nutrient-rich for next spring.  In addition to being beautiful and magical, forests in autumn can be very tranquil and soothing to the soul.

If you are looking for video or audio of nature online, then you're going to love the videos we've filmed here!  You can experience the autumn equinox all year long by simply pressing play.  Relax to the sounds of the autumn season and let the stress and the artificial noise of the world melt away.  Transport yourself from wherever you are to the crisp, cold air of autumn woodlands.  You'll hear water rushing, birds chirping, and other forest habitat noises.  Winter is around the corner, but for now, let's enjoy the sights and sounds of an enchanted autumn forest.

4K Forest

Filmed at the end of summer, right before colder temperatures set in and days started to shorten, this near-autumn forest footage displays a shallow yet noisy river flowing fast around and over river rocks.  Enjoy 4+ hours of beautiful deep forest river footage with sounds.  Perfect if you are looking for running water white noise. 

Beautiful Forest with River

Captured in the beginning of autumn, close to the fall equinox, the foliage is still green on the trees and plants, as is the grass.  The forest floor is not yet covered in fallen leaves.  Rather, it is merely speckled with the first dead leaves, portending the cold and snowy days that lie ahead, where trees and plants will be barren, and the grass will be covered in a sheet of snow and ice.  

Very relaxing sounds of water running in this 4K video of a forest stream with a mini step waterfall.

Forest Noises

Out in 'the middle of nowhere,' this forest is in the middle of a big change, as autumn is in full swing.  The forest pines proudly display their lush greenery while the rest of the trees around them have already turned colors, most of which have become a brilliant gold color.  The relaxing sound of a waterfall roars downhill into a valley between two small mountains, and nothing but Mother Nature can be seen in any direction.

Forest Sound Effects

Hope you brought your compass with you because it is too easy to get lost here.  We are out in the deep forest filming a cascading river with step waterfalls flowing over yellow moss-covered rocks.  Autumn has just started in the forest, so you may just hardly be able to notice the change from green to yellow in the forest foliage.  

Nature Sounds for Studying

We went back to the exact same location in the previous video just four weeks later, and my oh my, has autumn kicked in!  Is it just us, or does it seem like the river is flowing faster in this video?  Probably from the seasonal rains that come every fall. 

Woods Ambience

One of the great things about living in our neck of the woods is that Mother Nature has been great to us!  In addition to pristine forests, Norway is home to lots of beautiful woodlands that are just fabulous during the autumn seasons.  Here, you can enjoy the sites of the woods ambience and sounds of nature.

Woods Sound Effects

Do you like the taste of Skittles?  Lemon, raspberry, lime, orange; all of the colors are here in the forest trees of autumn.  Across the wide river that rushing and gushing water forward, you can see the true splendor of an autumn forest, listen to river white noise, and relax to the sounds and sights of nature.  Drown out the world and relax in the deep forest mountains of Norway.