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Who Doesn't Love a River in a Forest!?

At Sound of Nature, we are nature lovers - 100%!  We film nature footage and sounds because we are passionate about sharing nature's gifts to us with others.  Nothing can be more relaxing than spending time in the forest, whether it's in spring, summer, autumn, or winter!  In this video, you are going to enjoy the sights and sounds of this 4K forest river!  With more than 4 hours of footage, you can loop this video to play for 8+ hours.  In other words, you can start this video when you climb in bed, and it will play until it's time to wake up.

We Love Watching the Norwegian Forest in 4K!

Watching the rivers, streams, creeks, waterfalls, and birds that we've captured in the Norwegian forest in 4K means the best possible picture and the best possible sound!  Other YouTube channels and websites that feature nature sounds are inferior to Sound of Nature!  That's not just our opinion either; That's the opinion of our loyal fans, subscribers, and watchers.  Bookmark this site in your favorite browser for instant any-time, one-click access.  We're constantly updating our YouTube channel and website.  Stand by for more.

We Filmed with a Narrow Lens Forest View in 4K on Purpose

The forest view is in 4K for this video, but we used a narrow lens.  Why?  Because we wanted to really capture the essence of what we filmed.  In this video, we caught footage of a beautiful river in the forest flowing over river rocks.  The forest ambience and the glory of the forest river are in full display with this close-up view.  We hope you enjoy Sound of Nature as much as we do.  Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel too.

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