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There's Nothing Like a Beautiful Forest in Autumn!

Autumn is a special time of the year, especially for the folks in Norway.  Each year, starting at the autumn equinox, magic takes place in the forest.  Trees start to change their colors to vibrant purples, blues, reds, golds, yellows, browns, and dark shades of green.  Then, they fall off and carpet the entire forest floor with a natural mulch that will help produce healthy vegetation in the spring of next year.

If you love autumn as much as we do, you're going to love this section of our website titled, "Autumn Forest."  Here, we capture streams, creeks, rivers, and wildlife sounds in the deep, untapped Norwegian forest.  Listen for hours to relaxing autumn forest sounds in 4K.

Hear Natural Creek Sounds and a Tiny Creek Waterfall

Hear the creek sound as the shallow and narrow waters flow out into a large river with waterfalls.  Following a heavy rainstorm, and during spring when all of the snow and ice is melting, this peaceful creek becomes a raging rapid in the forest.  We capture this creek footage right in the middle of autumn when the first leaves started to fall off of the trees.  

Think of This Video as Natural Sound White Noise

When it comes to relaxing white noise, natural sound that is created in the forest is some of the most peaceful noise in the world!  Whether you need natural white noise for studying, meditating, sleeping, relaxing, or focusing, this video is perfect white noise.  Listen for 3 hours as this autumn creek flows in the Norwegian forest.

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