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Fall Forest HD

This fall forest in HD is one of the videos that we are most proud of at Sound of Nature.  Why?  Because our subscribers and viewers have left us very positive feedback.  Everyone seems to love 'standing-on-top-and-looking-down view of this step waterfall river in the pristine Norwegian autumn forest.  We love it too!  

The background is lined with goldened-crowned autumn trees, standing out in stark contrast to the forest pines that never lose their foliage.  

HD Sound of Forest for Nature Lovers

The sound of the river with waterfalls in the forest is very loud.  It has been raining in recent days, as it tends to do a lot in Norway during autumn.  This excess of water often comes down in the form of a deluge, turning tranquil streams and creeks into raging river torrents that can knock a man off of his feet.  Listen for four hours of forest sounds in this video, and you can loop for 8 hours.

Forest Sound Effects

If you are listening to forest sound effects, feel free to share our video.  Sound of Nature creates these videos to be used, shared, and even plagiarized if you want to.  We don't care.  We're just glad that so many people have enjoyed our YouTube channel.  Speaking of which, have you subscribed and clicked the bell icon for notifications when we publish new content?  If not, why don't you visit our YouTube channel to do that now?  Then, come back here to finish your video. 🙂

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