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Enjoy Hours of Ambient Forest Sounds Free

Between and our YouTube channel, we provide our viewers with endless hours of ambient forest sounds free.  There is no charge to use our videos.  You can save them, download them, store them, and do whatever you want with them.  There's no need to pay for nature sounds.  Mother Nature gives us the sounds free, and we want to share them with you for free.  

Be sure to check out all of our nature sound video categories, including the following:

  • Ocean Sounds
  • Wind Sounds
  • Rain Sounds
  • River Sounds
  • Waterfall Sounds
  • Bird Sounds

Why Listen to Natural Forest Ambience Sound?

Let's face it; the grind of everyday life grinds away at us!  All of the noise that we encounter in a day creates stress inside of us.  Vehicles driving, horns honking, stereo systems blaring, people talking, everything moving; it all creates stress because everyone needs time alone.  We all need to unwind, relax, and breathe a little.  We all need nature in our lives, but people who live and or work in urban/suburban areas rarely get enough of it.

If the stress of the world and all of its artificial noise is starting to overwhelm you, just visit this website and listen to hours upon endless hours of forest ambience sound.  We're happy to be your go-to source for sounds of nature.

We Have Capture Norwegian Forest Ambient Sound for Your Listening Pleasure

Norway is home to some of the most impressive natural terrain on earth, much of it untapped!  The forests, the oceans, the waterways, the wildlife; You'll find some of the most pristine forestries on earth here.  Find a video you like on this website, press play, loop it for all-night forest ambient sound.  Relax, take a load off, and watch the stress melt away with Sound of Nature.

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