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Put Yourself in Nature with Woods Sound Effects

Are you looking for woods sound effects?  Sound of Nature has endless hours of recorded woods videos, including this one, featured in the deep winter forest.  Why pay royalties or licensing fees for woods ambience and woods sound effects when nature gives them to us free!  You can relax for hours to the sound of rushing water, the sight of snow and ice-covered foresty, and an ambience that is only known to Norway.  

Escape from the mundane, travel to a place you've never visited before, and drown out the artificial noise of the world around you without leaving wherever you are now.  Just press play, relax, and listen to nature's sound effects or watch on your smart TV.  Winter woods sound effects are calming and soothing.  Press play and see for yourself.

Play Woods Sounds on Loop

With all of our woods ambience videos - or any of our videos for that matter - you can listen to nature sounds on loop.  Just loop the video on YouTube.  Most of our nature videos are no less than 3 hours in length.  Therefore, you can play woods sound effects all night long while you sleep.  Listening to noises of the deep woods in winter can help you relax and sleep better.

Why Do People Listen to Woods Sounds?

 It might seem silly to someone who is not used to listening to woods sounds and sounds of nature to spend their time listening to a creek or river flow.  However, in just a little bit of time, everyone falls in love with sounds of nature.  Some people listen for meditation, as sounds of nature help them to tap into their spirituality better.  Some people listen to nature noises as a form of white noise to tune out the world around them.  Still, others listen to nature sounds for relaxation, sleep, studying, or even to put a restless baby to sleep.

The reasons why people listen to sounds of the woods are as numerous as the people who listen to them.  What's your reason for listening to nature sounds?

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