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Clear beautiful river in the green autumn forest, with nature sounds of birds singing. This video was recorded on a hike towards Rago National Park in Northern Norway, and the river is called Nordfjordelva. For relaxing background sounds while working, studying, falling asleep, or as a nature screensaver for your monitor or TV

Calm down with Day and Night Woods Sounds on Sound of Nature

Do you live near a busy road or popular entertainment venues? It’s convenient for finding public transport, and having a great restaurant next door is wonderful, but there are some clear downsides to this situation. I live meters from the main road and right next to a Domino’s outlet, so this is one coin I’ve seen both sides of. The noise from the road can drive you insane! During the day, you hear honks, shouts and the rumble of traffic as you work. At night, the same noises float through the windows and keep you awake. If you live near entertainment venues, you can add the sound of loud music to the mix. Songs that seem so fun while you’re at a party seem to be hurting your head. Earphones don’t help, a simple little piece of foam can’t keep the noises of a city out. Sleeping is impossible. Reading is impossible. You develop insomnia, have headaches, dream of moving to a different area. But there’s a simple solution that can solve the problem for you, a solution that doesn’t require any extra effort or cost. That’s listening to relaxing nature sounds as you work, sleep or study. Can it be that simple? Indeed it can! Trust me, I’ve used it successfully, and you couldn’t imagine how noisy my neighborhood is, even without the construction going on outside my window now

This website was created when the owner found himself sitting outside while camping, wondering why everything sounded so quiet. It sounded eerie. He could tell there were sounds nearby, those of water, of birds, of the wind, but when he didn’t focus on them, they seemed to disappear. Later when he was back in his city apartment, he realized it was because he was used to living in a place that was a dozen times noisier. That gave him the idea to record some audio on his next camping trip. When he listened to them back home, he was surprised to find that they blocked out the sounds of the city entirely, and they were so soothing! You’ll be surprised too, pleasantly so. Listening to various calming nature sounds is a great way to relax your body and mind, and forest sounds are one of my favorites to listen to while relaxing after a long hard day

Relaxing forest sounds

Replace Distracting Sounds with Sounds of the Woods in the Fall

Relaxing forest sounds are great for cutting out other annoying and distracting background noises, like co-workers, traffic and construction sounds in the area around you. These are especially great for people who want a milder sound, and prefer something pleasant rather than monotonous. Water sounds are repetitive and simple, which is great for when you’re trying to focus, but it can be a bit boring in the long run. If you want something with a little bit more variety, forest sounds are it! Another great thing about the forest sounds is that they aren’t water-based. They may have water sounds in the background, but those aren’t the sole focus. These sounds and videos are recorded in the wildlands of stunning Northern Norway, where you hear the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, rivers, and streams in the forest, and occasionally the calls of birds. The problem with water sounds is that they give people the urge to go to the bathroom more often than usual. This can be problematic if you’re listening to nature sounds for sleeping, you don’t want to have to get up at midnight for going to the bathroom! Forest sounds don’t present this problem

The video at the top of the page, which is 4K UHD and recorded by the owner in person, is from the majestic forests of Northern Norway. The country has stunning natural beauty, and watching the video while you wind down after a hard day at work is a good idea. This can be beneficial for those relaxing before a stressful experience such as a meeting, test or a match. Your mind is full of notes and reminders, so take a couple of minutes to write them all down, sit quietly and watch the video for ten to fifteen minutes while listening to the soothing bird sounds, and then go ahead with what you need to do. You’ll be in a better headspace, which will give you better results. Listening to the forest sounds is beneficial too, but if you’re trying to wind down and empty your mind, watching the video while letting your mind wander to a calmer place will help

Forest nature sounds

So what’s the best way to listen to nature sounds for sleeping? Use speakers. Usually, we recommend wearing headphones for maximum noise-cancellation, but that can be uncomfortable while sleeping. We suggest investing in a good set of speakers and setting them close to the bed. Turn the volume up to a level you’re comfortable with, and bring the speakers closer to your ear for better noise cancellation. While working or studying, as we said above, it’s best to wear headphones for listening to nature sounds. One great side-effect of listening to these sounds in the day is that it helps boost your mood. Scientists conducted research on a large group of workers and found this to be the case. So if you have a stressful job, much school work, or just need to work extra quickly to make up for a wasted day, this sound clip is perfect for you! If by chance you find forest sounds aren’t your thing, we have a large collection of white noise you can choose from, the sound of rivers, waterfalls, rain falling, ocean waves crashing, or the wind blowing and howling. Whatever your favorite nature sounds are, you should find something to your satisfaction here

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