Bird Sounds: Bird Calls, Bird Chirping, Bird Singing 40+ Hrs | Sound of Nature

Do you love to wake up in the morning to bird sounds outside of your window?  We do too!  Whether you're waking up in the morning or taking an afternoon nap, the sound of birds chirping and carrying on is very relaxing.  Have you ever thought, "I wonder what they're saying?"  "It seems like they have so much to say."  Well, we'll probably never know exactly what they are saying to each other, but we can enjoy their cheery banter.  

Listen to the noises and calls that birds make.  Relax for hours of endless forest video with trees, waterfalls, and of course, birds chirping. The sounds of a forest and the animals within it can be great for relaxation, focusing, studying, meditating, and even sleeping.  

In this section of Sound of Nature, you can see and hear nature while listening to common bird calls.  If you like bird music, you are going to love these videos!  Birds are majestic animals.  From the time they are nestlings to fledglings to becoming birds of prey, birds are an important species in the animal kingdom.  They are peaceful, beautiful, and tranquil.  Hear them all by clicking on the links below.

Disclaimer: These videos do not contain birds exclusively.  Rather, they contain several aspects of forest life, but all of the videos have the sounds of birds in them.  

Bird Calls Audio

Listen to hours of birds calling to each other through the forest trees.  See if you can identify the birds making these calls.  We'll give you a hint: they are Norwegian birds.

Bird Chirping Sound

When birds are happy, they chirp.  Birds chirp for a variety of reasons, and it is very interesting and relaxing to listen to them and think about what they are saying.  

Bird Noises/River Sounds Free

Listen to 3 hours of non-stop bird sounds.  In this video, the forest is covered in a sheet of ice and snow, which can be dangerous if you don't know that there is a river freezing, black water below the surface.  All of the trees are barren except for the pines.  Still, the freezing cold of a Norwegian winter is not enough to keep these playful birds inside. 

Bird Sound Effects

In this video, Sound of Nature combines the best forest, bird, and water sounds to make a beautiful compilation of nature noises.  You can relax, sit back, and enjoy natural sound effects here.  Why pay for artificial, computer-generated nature sounds when you can get the real thing for free.

Birds in the Autumn Forest

What could be more relaxing on a stressful day than to listen to the sounds of birds in the autumn forest?  Autumn is a relaxing time of the year when we like to stay indoors, warm, and bundled up.  However, birds don't think it's too cold to be outside in the autumn!

Birds in the Forest

In Norway, there are all kinds of birds in the forest.  Listen for hours as birds chirp in this untouched winter wonderland.  See the majesty of a winter forest and listen to birds singing in the background.

Common Bird Sounds

In the autumn forest, a wide, fast-flowing river rushes over river rocks with golden-colored trees in the background.  In addition to the sound of rushing water, you can clearly hear the sound of birds singing in the trees. Relax for four hours of river and bird sounds.

Crow Sound

This 4K video features a roaring waterfall in the deep forest.  Listen closely and you'll hear the sound of a crow saying, "Caw, caw, caw, caw."  Chances are; the crow is probably trying to scare a mouse out of hiding to score a meal, but if you like the sound of forest birds, you'll love the crow sound distinctly behind the waterfall in this video.  Perfect for natural white noise, this video goes on for 4 hours.

Different Bird Sounds

Sound of Nature continues to bring our fans more videos of nature at its finest.  In this video, you can enjoy different bird sounds against the forest backdrop.  See if you can identify the different birds by their distinct calls and chirping.

Duck Sounds

Feeding the ducks in the frigid autumn water, but they don't seem to mind!  Watch the ducks swim around, eat, chase each other, and quack.  

One Note Bird Call

Hear the sounds of different birds in the forest, some of which have a one-note call.  Can you identify the birds by their calls?

Rivers and Birds

Rivers are very calming and conducive to meditation, relaxation, sleep, study, and focusing.  Combined with the sound of chirping birds, this video features hours of rivers and birds.  

Singing Birds in Winter

Want to watch and listen to singing birds in the winter? If so, click here.  These birds are not intimidated by the deep freeze that has set in on the deep forest.  Bundle up and get ready for ultimate relaxation with beautiful winter bird sounds.

Sounds of Birds

Hear an untapped river under the deep forest canopy.  The sounds of birds are very relaxing, and you can relax for hours with this video.