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What Could be More Relaxing than Rivers and Birds?

Hopefully, you have a hiking guide with you because one wrong step could be fatal!  Going out into the wild to film nature during winter months is very dangerous, as evidenced by this hidden river beneath the ice, apparent only because of some cracks that developed.  We have to say; it is pretty cool to watch a river appear from out of the thick winter ice and disappear back under the ice again, almost like a natural snow cave.  Makes you want to go down there and have a look around, but we're not brave enough!

Get Real Bird and River Sounds Free from Sound of Nature

We're glad to bring our audience bird noises from the ocean and the deep forest.  This video features river sounds free with birds singing in the background.  We hope you will enjoy the nature sounds we've brought to you.  

Enjoy Hours of the Natural Sound of Water and Bird

If you love listening to nature noises, then you are in the right place now.  In this video, we have recorded three hours of river and bird sounds.  Loop the video, and you'll have 6 hours of bird sounds.  

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