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Listen to Birds in the Forest

One of the most relaxing sounds of nature in listening to birds in the forest.  In this video, we have filmed a river in the forest flowing fast over river rocks, and you can hear the sound of birds chirping happily in the background.  If you find yourself in a mess of stress, mired in the world's never-ending muddy swamp of troubles; just listen to our common bird sound videos and escape.

Sound of Nature uses the best recording equipment, including audio and video, to capture nature's essence and deliver it to our guests.  With bird and nature sounds so clear that you can distinguish which kind of birds they are, and with 4K footage so pristine that the video looks like you could stick your hand through the computer or TV screen; you can press play, relax, and watch or listen for hours. 

We Have Record Different Bird Sounds

Have you ever listened to birds in the trees, chirping?  If so, you probably couldn't see them very well, but you can hear them loud and clear.  We always wonder what they are saying to each other.  "Hey, someone down below."  Maybe it's a little more sinister than we think, but it sounds majestic to us.  For example, maybe the birds are saying, "This is my tree, and if anyone comes over here, we're going to kill you!"  We just don't know!  Still, it is mesmerizing to listen to the sound of birds.

Autumn Birds Have a Lot to Say

Few things could make an autumn forest more enchanted than what it already is, naturally.  Birds are an exception!  Although the cold air in the Norwegian autumn forest makes us want to bundle up, drink hot cocoa, and cozy up in front of the fireplace with our favorite book, birds absolutely love it!  Birds burn a lot more energy than we do, so the cold air feels good to them.

In this video of a river flowing in the autumn forest, you can hear just happy the birds are by listening to their playful banter in the background. 

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