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Hear the Sound a Crow Makes 

At Sound of Nature, we believe that birds are some of the most majestic creatures on earth.  Further, we find that the sound of birds is extremely relaxing.  Admittedly, the sound of a crow makes might be particularly chilling for a field mouse, but we're not field mice.  Thankfully!  

We are able to enjoy crow sounds just like another bird sounds.  Although crows are commonly mischaracterized and misunderstood, they truly are beautiful animals, and we've captured a crow cawing in the forest next to a river in this video.

Natural Crow Sound Effects

If you are looking for crow sound effects, you can hear the real thing here.  Sound of Nature is a popular name in the 'nature sounds' niche, and we record audio and video of different aspects of nature.  Then, we share it with our audience who appreciates nature as much as we do.  

There area lot of computer-generated "natural" sound websites out there, but they usually charge for their tools.  Plus, if you are looking for a sound effect of crows, nothing sounds better or more real than the real thing!

Loud Crow Sounds

It seems that the crow was taunting and stalking the cameraman in this video.  The crow stayed close by the whole time.  Perhaps it was observing what we doing, as it is no secret that crows are some of the most intelligent birds on earth.  

You can hear the river and that crow sound loud and clear in this video.  If you like listening to the harassing caw of crows, you are going to love the loud crow sounds here.  Make no mistake; while other birds chirp and crows caw, the sound of crows is just as peaceful and enjoyable as any other bird type.

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