Duck Sounds: Lake Birds w/ Wood Duck Call Sounds 3+Hrs | Sound of Nature

Our Favorite Lake Birds

We love feeding the ducks on this woodlands lake, and the ducks love it too!  It's so much fun to watch ducks eat.  They chase each other around, nip at each other, and quack in anger.  Of course, only another duck could take such a harmless "Back off" quack seriously.  Ducks are too cute!  On land, they waddle side-to-side with their plump bodies and tiny legs.  On the lake, these birds are right at home.  We're happy to have filmed them and to show it to you.   

Duck Sound Effect

In this video, we captured beautiful footage of our favorite lake birds quacking, eating, swimming, and chasing each other.  This video lasts for 3 hours.  Be sure to loop the video for 6 hours for relaxing duck sounds all night long.  

Sleep to Wood Duck Call Sounds

Wood duck call sounds are funny, cute, and believe it or not, very relaxing.  If you are looking for natural white noise for sleep, relaxation, stress reduction, meditation, focus, or studying, then you are going to love this video!  Be sure to check out all of our bird sound videos on our website.

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