Ocean Noises: 30+ Hrs of Ocean Sounds w/ Video | Sound of Nature

Ocean noises are great for relaxation and stress reduction.  Here, you will find hours upon endless hours of Zen ocean sounds that promote spirituality and deep relaxation.  Many people listen to ocean sounds when they are going to sleep.  Why?  Loud and low-noise sounds, such as a frying pan falling out of the dish rack or even a cell phone ringing, can wake you up from a deep sleep.  These are so-called "abrupt" sounds that trigger your brain's Threat Activated Vigilance System.  Ocean sounds playing in the background cover abrupt sounds while you sleep. Without getting too deep into the psychology of white noise ocean sounds, suffice it to say that the videos and sounds you will hear on this site can help you relax, focus, study, and meditate.  You will hear wind breezing on the beach, ocean waves crashing against cliffs, ocean birds, and the sound of the tide ebbing in and out.

Beach Sound Effects

We set our camera up on the beach in Norway during autumn, as you can tell by the leaves on the ground.  We filmed hours of waves crashing on the beach near Saltstraumen on a crisp autumn day.

Natural Sound of the Ocean

Press play and listen for hours!  Sound of Nature welcomes you to our Ocean Noises section of the website.  Here, you can listen to the calming sounds the ocean makes while you work, clean the house, jog, sleep, relax, meditate, or do just about anything else.  The natural sound of the ocean is also great for putting babies to sleep.

Ocean Ambience

Make the mood in your home calm and peaceful for everyone.  Listen to hours of beautiful ocean sounds.  This video was filmed at sunset, and you can see the Norwegian winter ambience reflecting off of the snow and ice. 

Ocean Sound

Play ocean sounds for hours and melt the stress of the day away!  In this video, you will hear seagulls squawking and ocean waves crashing gently.  The soothing sounds can help you relax, meditate, sleep, and get the kids to sleep.  Listen or watch in 4K as the sun shines on the ocean on a cold winter day.   

Ocean Sound Effects

Are you looking for ocean sound effects?  Get the real thing here.  Don't use computer-manufactured sounds when you can use natural ocean SFX.  Our content is here for you to watch, use, and listen to when you need it.

Soothing Sounds

Do you love listening to nature?  Listen here and enjoy hours of wind-driven waves crashing on the shore on a breezy, cloudy day.  Press play and forget.  This video is 4 hours long, so you have plenty of time to relax and alleviate stress.

Sound Meditation

When the world starts weighing on you, calm yourself with the majestic sound of ocean waves splashing on the beach on a cold, cloudy winter day.  With ocean sound meditation, you can relax and be one with the world, connecting with the universal energy that drives everything.

Water Splash Sound Effect

The natural sound of the ocean is peaceful, powerful, and relaxing.  On this sunny winter day, we capture video footage of angry waves crashing against the beach.  Whether you are looking for sound effects to listen to or use for your project, Sound of Nature has free authentic water splash sound effects.

Waves Crashing Sound Effect

The oceans of the world are the most powerful forces on the planet.  Sometimes, the oceans rage, and Norway is no stranger to angry oceans!  However, the oceans sometimes ebb and flow peacefully.  When the ocean is calm, it instills a sense of inner-peace in us.  In this video, we filmed calm ocean waves breaking on the shore.  The footage and the sounds are very relaxing and can be used to drown out the stress and artificial noise that the world creates.