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Relaxing Ocean Sound

Calm down and relax with the soothing sound of wind blowing and seagulls squawking, by the shore of a fjord in Northern Norway on a sunny winter day. Relaxing background sound to listen to while working, studying or for calming down. Makes a nice winter nature screensaver for TV's and monitors too.

Sound of the Ocean

Different sounds of nature can help against insomnia and other lighter sleeping problems. Insomnia is the annoying issue of having difficulties to fall asleep which will lead you to be awake the whole night. Different calming sounds are being produced by nature itself, for instance, the sound of the rain dripping on a roof, the wind blowing in the trees, water flowing in a river and ocean waves crashing against the shore Listening to these nature sounds is very relaxing and calming, both for the mind and body. Many students find it difficult to concentrate on their studies and tasks ahead, listening to calming nature sounds can help to stay focused

Ocean Waves Sound Effect

Instead of listening to music while studying, try listening to the sound of nature instead. These days all kinds of relaxing nature sounds are just a few clicks away, with the help of YouTube and your computer, pad, phone and so on. With channels and videos in the ten thousands, you can easily find your favorite nature sound that calms you down the most and keeps you focused, or maybe you prefer white noise or ASMR for relaxing instead. Nature sounds are also a great way to block out other annoying noises that distract you from work or study, like traffic sounds and maybe people making annoying noises outside your room. Switch out those sounds by putting on the sound of ocean waves, rivers flowing, or maybe waterfalls, whatever suits you best

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