Rain Noise: Dozens of Hrs of Rain Ambience and Rain Sounds | Sound of Nature

Listen to rain noise to enhance sleep, relaxation, study, and meditation.  There are fewer sounds in the world that are more calming and soothing than rain.  The great thing about Sound of Nature is that we capture nature's sounds and footage so that people like you can watch any time from any location on any device.  If you're stressed out after a long commute, you've been arguing with your significant other, or your boss is giving you an aneurysm at work, give yourself even just 5-10 minutes of deep breathing while listening to rain sounds.  You'll feel the stress, anger, and anxiety washing off of you as if by the rain itself.  

Sound of Nature has captured light rain, hard rain, rain on the beach, and rain in the forest for our viewers and listeners.  Different sounds of rain affect us differently.  The cracking of a distant thunderstorm, the sedative nature of grey skies, the white noise sound of raining water during a heavy downpour; it's all relaxing and tranquilizing.  So don't pop a Prozac, just press play!

Whether it's a deluge, a torrent, or a drizzle, rain sounds for meditation, sleep, and relaxation are beautiful.  Wet weather can be a good thing.  Listen and watch the raindrops fall from storm clouds of beautiful natural Norwegian landscape and habitat. 

Light Rain

In this video, it's hard to hear the sound of the light rain drizzle that is coming down, and it's hard to see it because the river is rushing so fast towards the cave opening.  Prior to filming this video, it had been raining excessively, turning these usually peaceful waters into rushing torrents.  Listen and relax for hours with 4 hours of original rain and river sound footage. 

Noises of Rain to Help Sleep

After a heavy rain that lasted for several days, this stream has turned into a small river.  The current is moving and rapidly, and like the previous video, the water sounds from the fast-moving stream drown out the rain noise from the drizzle in the background.

Rain Ambience

Do you have a hard time falling asleep at night?  Do you have a hard time studying because of the noises people make around you?  If so, rain sounds and rain ambience can alter the mood, soothe you to sleep, or help you to concentrate when you need to.  Before you take a sleeping pill, try a natural alternative.  Try Sound of Nature.

Rain Sounds

This footage was captured using state-of-the-art audio recording equipment.  We wanted to capture the sound of rain, and since this video is 5 hours long, it can be looped to play for 10 hours straight - the entire time you sleep!

Rain White Noise

At Sound of Nature, we feature all sorts of white sound nature videos, including ocean white noise, river white noise, forest white noise, and wind white noise.  Now, you can get to sleep faster or relax better with soothing rain white noise sounds.