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Rain White Noise

We all love nature white noise to drown out the sounds of the world.  Rain white noise is one of the most calming and soothing sounds in the world.  Whether you are looking for some background white noise to relax, sleep, meditate, or decompress, light rain sounds can help.  In this video, we have captured soft rain that can and a river flowing into a cave. 

Fast Flowing River

We captured this fast-flowing river following several days of rain in an autumn forest in Norway.  The river has a powerful current today, enough to sweep a man off of his feet.  Trust us; you don't want that to happen here.  The river is filled with jagged rocks, and we don't know how deep that cave goes or what's in there!  Besides, the water is never really warm in Norway, but during autumn and winter, it is exceptionally cold.  You might get hypothermia spending too much time in these waters!

Rain Ambience

There is a certain rain ambience that we are sure can only be found in Norway.  When it rains in the autumn Norwegian forest, the ambience can be cut with a butterknife.  Although the rain is a light drizzle in this video, you can still see the rain ambience in the air.

We hope that you love this video.  Sound of Nature also has other videos online, many of which you can find right here, on our website.  We encourage you to have a look at the other rain video footage that we have captured.

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