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River Ambience

The river ambience filmed in this video sets the mood for a relaxed occasion that only Sound of Nature can bring you.  You may or may not be able to see the rain in this video, as it is a light drizzle.  Still, the rain has been feeding the river, causing the river levels to rise and flow rapidly.  At its lowest levels, this river is little more than a forest stream.  We've captured it at the right time for a full, fast-flowing, rain-driven river.  This is just one of our several videos of noises of rain to help sleep.

Sound River

If you want to listen to the white noise sound of a river, then you are in the right place now.  The sound of a light rain patting against the flowing river water can help you to rest, focus, sleep, or even put your little one to sleep.  Watch or listen here or on YouTube.  Just press play for 4 hours of non-stop sounds of a river, or loop the video for 8 hours of footage and sounds - enough to play all night while you sleep.  

Rain Stream

Sound of Nature has all kinds of nature videos and sounds on our YouTube channel, including the following:

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Still, some of our favorite footage is rain stream video.  We love to watch nature and listen to it too!  Our videos are perfect for relaxation, stress-reduction, and meditation.  Check out all of our videos online, starting with this rain river video to help sleep.

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