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Relaxing Ambience with Rain Noises to Help Sleep

Do you often have trouble falling asleep at night? Insomnia can come in many forms, caused by many different reasons. Some toss and turn and can’t seem to get comfortable in bed. Some are pulled awake by the noises of the city. Yet others manage to fall asleep on time but wake up multiple times at night. None of these is good for you. You should be able to fall asleep quickly after a tiring day, get some deep sleep, and wake up straight away in the morning when your alarm rings. Or in the case of some, when daylight gets bright enough. You should feel rested and fresh when you wake up, and not feel drowsy during the day

Unfortunately, insomnia is all too common these days, and solutions are either harmful in the long run, like sleeping pills, or difficult to implement, like meditation and lifestyle changes. However, luckily there is one unconventional solution that you can use which get results almost immediately and have no long-term repercussions. That is playing relaxing nature sounds while you try to sleep. White noise has been in use for many years now, and nature sounds are a type of white noise. They come in long, looping clips of up to 12 hours, can be downloaded in most cases, and you can play them as you get ready for sleep. They’ll cut out background noises and lull you to sleep with their rhythmic sounds. Scientists have found medical evidence of the fact that nature sounds help people fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, leaving them well rested.

Rain nature sound

Benefits of Listening to Rain White Noise

However, nature sounds have many other uses than lulling people to sleep at night. They’re actually rather interesting in that respect, depending on your needs, you can use the same couple sounds to either wind down and sleep, or to stay awake and work, or study. So if you find yourself distracted at work, or pulling your hair out with stress before an examination, nature sound clips may be able to help. Play one, plug in your headphones and give yourself ten minutes to listen to them while you first wind down. This step is important because, after the frustration of being unable to work, you need a moment to relax your body and mind before you re-attempt the task ahead of you. Another reason is that you should give yourself some time to get used to the sound, at least if it's the first time you listen to that particular nature sound

Now you can get back to working or studying, and relaxing nature sounds will help you focus along the way. If you have noisy co-workers, neighbors practicing the drums or playing music, or if your mind’s too full of thoughts, you should start to see results after approximately an hour. Remember to take breaks every couple hours so you don’t burn out or overload your brain. Of course, an inability to work is often due to more factors than one, so also make sure you’re sleeping well, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and that you’re working in the right environment. Trying to study in a busy cafe, for instance, isn’t a feasible idea

Rain nature sound

How a Rain Stream Can Effect Your Mind

Why is rain sounds so soothing to listen to? You’ll need some background in order to understand this. White noise, when it’s in the form of relaxing nature sounds, works due to two reasons: firstly, because it’s repetitive and cuts out other annoying and ear-catching background noises, like co-workers, traffic, and so on, and secondly because nature sounds take us back to our roots. Humans are animals after all, and we find it soothing when we think we’re in our home in nature, as opposed to being in a big city. Rain sounds appeal to the latter aspect. Certain sources suggest that they relax us because we’re reminded of the time we lived in forests and ate what we hunted or gathered out in the wild nature. Rainfall makes us think that our predators inside of us are resting, taking refuge from the rain, and so we are safe for the moment

Rain sounds can be used for a couple of other purposes as well. Winding down after a busy day at work or school, cheering up when you’re feeling low, meditating, napping, etc. Anytime you need to block out external annoying and distracting sounds and relax or focus, you can use them. We wouldn’t recommend nature sounds for high-stress moments when you need extreme focus, however. At such a time, earplugs may serve you better. What if you don’t like rain sounds? Some people feel cold when they hear the sound of rain, need to go to the bathroom more frequently, and in rare cases, if you have a cold it may seem to get worse if you listen to rain sounds for very long. Most of these sounds resolve themselves if you wait a few days and then re-listen since they’re affected by your health, the weather and other similarly topical factors

However, people do have different preferences so in case you find rain sounds simply don’t work for you, you’ll be glad to know that there are lots more than rain sounds you can try right here on this website! Some popular ones include wind sounds, river sounds, ocean sounds, waterfall sounds, and forest sounds. We recommend water-based sounds for studying and working since they’re more repetitive than, for example, forest sounds, which often include birdcall and other non-repetitive sounds that can take your focus away.

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