Sound of Wind: Hrs of Wind Sound Effects from Ocean & Forest | Sound of Nature

The sound of wind can help you to relax, meditate, study, and even put the babies to sleep.  Wind sounds are one of the most pleasant and peaceful sounds of nature to listen to.  Whether the wind is blowing hard or blowing gently, wind noises are tranquil. relaxing, and soothing.

Sound of Nature has captured wind sounds in the forest and at the beach.  In addition to listening to the sounds of wind, you can also hear waves crashing on the shore, rivers flowing, and the occasional chirping of a bird.  If you want to hear wind white noise, then you're in the right place now!  Press play and relax for hours.

Trees in the Wind

Listen to the sound of wind blowing briskly on a Norwegian autumn day.  Watch in 4K for 4 hours and loop for 8 hours of overnight wind sounds.  The sight of trees in the wind, rustling, shaking, and losing their leaves is the perfect video to warm up next to the fireplace with a book or got to sleep under the warmth of your covers.

Wind Sounds

Mother Nature sounds angry in this video and eerie yet somehow calming shrieks of wind howl across the Norwegian winter landscape.  Simultaneously, calm ocean waves break against the rocks, creating the perfect balance of calm and energetic white noise.

Play this video to relax, study, meditate or fall asleep.  Be sure to check out all of our wind noise videos in 4K.

Wind Sound Effect

There is nothing very fancy about this video.  We filmed it because of the intense and persistent sound of wind in the background.  If you want to watch or listen to wind sound effects, blowing through the trees on a crisp, sunny autumn day, check out this video.