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The relaxing sound of wind in the trees on a grey wet autumn day by the shore. Great nature sound for sleep, relaxation, work and studying

Relaxing wind nature sounds for body and mind

Have you ever lain awake on a windy night? The howling wind rushes past, ceaseless, constant. If you live close to woods it may sound eerie and oddly restful. In a city it sounds much plainer, but the relaxing, constant sound reminds you of thunderstorms and rain. Natural phenomena such as storms often have the effect of making us feel restful. It may sound strange, especially since many people are afraid of thunder and lightning, but they do! Have you ever noticed how quickly you drift off to sleep when it’s raining outside? The cold weather may keep you awake, but once you’ve got the windows shut and you’re cozy in bed, or if it’s raining in summer, you’re asleep before you know it. Someone put two and two together, and tried recording nature sounds, wind sounds included, and tested to see if people listening to these sounds demonstrated the same effects as people experiencing a storm. Did they feel as soothed? Guess what? They did!

So we’ve found, through scientific experimentation and with solid proof , that relaxing nature sounds help you unwind, feel restful, and fall asleep quicker. But it’s not limited to that – these sounds also help you sleep better. That is, you enter deep sleep for longer and wake up fewer times during the night. Further, researchers have found that relaxing nature sounds help you work better. Relaxing nature sounds for work will help you block out background noises, get in the right headspace for working, and focus better on the task at hand. The result is an enormous increase in overall productivity. We often don’t realize how much time we lose every day at work due to distractions, conversations and other factors which can easily be eliminated with the help of white noise

The sound of nature as a white noise for calming down

Using nature sounds as white noise provides the added benefit of relaxing our body and mind, and helping improve our overall mood. This is especially beneficial in industries with high stress levels. Scientists found a measurable improvement in overall mood when people regularly listened to relaxing nature sounds at work. So if you have to get a lot done in a relatively short amount of time, or if you have a deadline approaching, which can be quite stressful, putting on relaxing wind sounds will help. Wind sounds have another great quality which makes them perfect for work or studying, they don’t have any sudden changes. Birdcall or thunder, for example can be a little sudden and can therefore be distracting instead of calming. Wind sounds, however, are fairly constant. You may occasionally hear the rustle of a leaf or the clink of a pebble as the wind moves it, but for the most part it’ll be just the sound of wind rushing through the landscape

Our nature sounds clips have another great plus point. We usually record a few minutes of sound and video at each location, from the wild lands of Norway, and loop them over to make several hour-long clips. If the sound clip were really that long, you’d hear the wind rise and fall, maybe a little bit of rain, animal and bird calls, and other sounds that are heard in the wild. However, since we only record a short clip, we try to make sure it only includes the sound we’re after. That way you get exactly what sounds you were looking for, and you don’t find unexpected distractions and annoyances in your nature sounds clip

Don’t like this clip? Sometimes a particular clip just doesn’t sound right, or doesn’t have the desired effect. We’d suggest adjusting your volume to see if it helps things. If you’re still not happy, you can browse through our collection of nature sounds, we have lots! If you’d like to try another wind sounds clip, they really are quite pleasant, we have other options. If not, we also have river sounds, forest sounds, rain sounds, waterfall sounds, and ocean sounds. If you’re looking for nature sounds for sleep, we’d recommend rain or river sounds, they’re fail-proof in that regard. For work, ocean sounds may be better. The sound of waves is restful, while the sound of rivers and waterfalls sometimes makes people feel cold or makes them go to the bathroom more often

Looking for relaxing sounds for meditation or yoga, or maybe something calming while you are studying or being stressed out at work? Then maybe you should give forest sounds a try. They’re pleasant but not fully monotonous, and the sounds of water don’t dominate in these clips. Just turn the sound on, plug your earphones in and let it play while you get ready for work, sleep or meditation. If you tend to toss and turn in your sleep, using speakers, or your phone’s speaker, might be a better idea so the earphones don’t restrict movement or get unplugged. While working, play the sounds on your laptop, or if you work around other people you can use headphones, which are usually more comfortable than earphones. Listen to the sound of the wind while you unwind your body and mind

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