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Do you love listening to the relaxing sound of water?  At Sound of Nature, we film rivers, creeks, streams, rain, ponds, waterfalls, and oceans.  Our nature movies are recorded to help our viewers achieve ultimate inner-peace.  Nature sounds of water are soothing and can be used to enhance positivity, sleep, relaxation, meditation, focus, and study.  Whether it's this the sound of a lake, stream, creek or ocean; whether it's a trickle, a cascade, or waves crashing; water sounds are nature's free music to the soul.

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If you love nature sounds - especially the sound of water - then you're going to love Sound of Nature!

4K Water

In this 4K video of water flowing under an opening in an ice sheet, the ice-cold, black river water looks like liquid mercury on one of Saturn's moons.  The otherwise earthly landscape is disrupted with a large snow-covered mountain jutting up in the background.  With footage so clear you can feel the cold air, smell the pines, and hear the deafening silence that can only be found in the great wild, you can relax for 3 hours or loop this video for 6 hours of non-stop nature sites and sounds.

Creek Sound

Relax for hours with the calming and soothing sound of a forest stream flowing gently down a rocky edifice.  Deep in the forest, the sound of water is the only sound that we hear.  There are no cars, airplanes, people, and other artificial noise-makers.  

Fast Flowing River

In this video, we've filmed a fast-moving river torrent, cascading past an old broken down millstone.  The peaceful waters of this forest creek have been turned into a raging river due to the heavy rains of recent.

Icy Cold River

During the coldest times in winter, all we want to do is warm up by the fireplace with hot tea or cocoa.  Yet, the footage we've recorded of this deep-freeze river with step waterfalls makes you want to put on your snow boots and see what nature has hidden.  We're far away from the nearest people here!  The river wants to freeze, but the waterfalls keep gushing forth fast-moving waters that won't allow it.

Noisy River

It's cold outside!  But it's not too cold to film nature at its fines!  In this video, a noisy river cascades past ice-coated rocks at dusk.  All the vegetation is barren now, as we are well into the winter months.  Only the pine trees proudly boast their greenery.  Somehow, in this desolate winter wasteland, the loud river is very beautiful and soothing.

Outdoor Nature Sounds

Hear two sounds of water in this video - rain and river.  The sound of the river and the sound of the rain are equal in strength, creating a complementary sound effect.  If you love outdoor nature sounds, loop this video, and listen for hours on end!

Raging River

In this video, a normally peaceful and tranquil forest stream has become a raging torrent.  Because of our location, Norway is home to some of the most amazing water systems in the world, including the Saltstraumen Maelstrom.    

River in the Spring Forest

Whereas most of our nature videos are filmed in the autumn and winter, we filmed this river in the spring forest.  Relax to five hours of beautiful nature footage of a fast-moving river, driven by melting winter snow, flowing towards a waterfall ahead.

River Sound Effects

Most of our river sound effects are of raging rivers with strong currents after rain, but not this one!  In this video, we've recorded a very slow-moving, docile river in the summertime.  Surrounded by trees and steep terrain on all sides, this slow-moving river flows over antiquated rocks and around grass islands in the river. 

River Water

The black, ice-cold river water flows around a bend, melting the snow on the surrounding landscape as it passes.  The winter ambience is incredible in this video, as the white hue of the snow-covered land and trees creates a shimmer in the atmosphere that makes you want to cozy up and go to sleep.  This video is perfect for sleep and relaxation.

Small River

At the widest point in this small river, the water flows at an even pace.  The shallow waters flow on continually, past rainbow-colored autumn trees in the background. 

White Noise Sounds

If you are looking for white noise sounds to listen to, and you are soothed by the sound of running water, then you should listen to this video.  Of course, you're only getting part of the benefit if you just listen.  In this video, the icy-cold river water juts out from a step waterfall underneath a sheet of ice, flowing downstream, under more ice and around an ice-covered island in the middle of the river.