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The calming sound of a stream flowing down the rocky landscape in the spring forest. Relaxing background sound to keep on while working, studying, meditating or for falling asleep faster and sleeping better. Block out other distracting noises around you and replace them with the sound of a calming stream instead

Forest sounds are very relaxing. Have you ever been to a forest? Surprisingly, many city dwellers haven’t, not to a real forest. It’s understandable since forests are hard to get into, and can often be dangerous. However, we trawled through a dense forest in Northern Norway to record this relaxing sound clip for you Relaxing nature sounds are great for you. You know why? Because they can help you sleep better at night, work better, and study better. They help you sleep better by cutting out noises while the rhythm of nature sounds puts you to sleep. Relaxing nature sounds for work are similar, except they usually don’t include birdsong. They cut out background noise and help us concentrate on our work. While studying, nature sounds do the same, cut out distractions around you and help us focus on the task ahead instead. Forest nature sound clips are pretty sweet. You can close your eyes and imagine you’re right there in the forest, sitting inside a tent

Stream flowing in the forest

They often include the sound of water flowing, the wind rustling the leaves on trees, of insects, and of course of birds calling. This combination is beautiful, water sounds are repetitive and soothing, wind sounds are atmospheric, birdcall is pleasant and lively, and insect sounds take us back to nature You can put on relaxing forest sounds, or any other preferred calming nature sounds at night as you get ready to go to bed. Turn the volume up to a level you’re comfortable with, get cozy in bed, and then close your eyes and focus on nothing but the forest sounds. Try to not pay attention to the noises of the city, or the noises made by your neighbors or the traffic in your area. It’s a little like meditation, although quite a bit easier. Relaxing nature sound clips are often over two hours long, so you can just turn them on and forget about it. They’ll play until they run out, and by that time you’ll usually be sound asleep, if not, restart it. If you have trouble sleeping it may be a few days before you see results, but you can be sure that you will see results sooner or later if you stick with it. The sound of nature appeals to the animal in us, it takes us back to our roots in the wild

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