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It doesn’t really matter if you’re a fan of nature or not, you might have noticed that when you’re surrounded by green grass and peaceful nature sounds such as a running stream, birds singing in the trees or simply the wind moving the leaves in a forest, you suddenly become a lot more peaceful and content. Well, recent studies show that it’s not just a self-induced state since a group of researchers decided to monitor the brain waves, heart rate and a lot of other markers for people exposed to nature sounds.

The Soothing Sound of a River

Another incredible reading of the multiple sensors researchers place on volunteers showed that the heart rate also shifts along with the entire nervous system. When exposed to nature sounds, the individuals registered a decline in the sympathetic responses of the body and, respectively, an increase in the parasympathetic responds, the one that is responsible of the unconscious acts such as breathing, digestion after a meal and even preparing the body for a nap. So, this clearly comes to prove that the exposure to nature sounds enhances the body's ability to ‘disconnect’ and let go of its natural ways of response, relaxing the central nervous system and allowing you to truly get connected with your inner peace.

Relax to the Sound of Water Flowing

Besides all the other positive effects that listening to nature sounds can bring for the human body that are directly linked with productivity and stress levels, there’s another interesting result that can’t be overruled. People that were exposed to nature sounds, and especially those that had high stress levels to being with, started to show a more positive attitude when being confronted with day-to-day problems and difficulties. Then, to make the test even more relevant, an in-depth study was made among the relatives and acquaintances of the same individuals in an effort to identify what were the normal answers they would give in previous occasions. A significative drop in stress, tension and irascibility was registered in the vast majority of those interviewed. Furthermore, in order to clearly establish that the effects of nature sound and natural peacefulness are not just episodical, the same survey was conducted for the next month among the persons interviewed and the results showed a clear drop in crankiness and tension.

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