Icy Cold River: Hrs of 4K River Ambience in the Winter Forest | Sound of Nature


Winter Forest Ambience for Relaxation

With all the technological development and innovation that humans registered in the course of last decades, it was inevitable that a certain rupture between human beings and Mother Nature took place. And even though technology and nature are not opponents, people seem to have an in-bread appetite to choose one or another for various reasons. Well, no matter how tech-savvy you are or how you might feel that you can’t go 2 days without your laptop or smartphone, spending some time deep in the woods will give you the chance to connect to something much more important and interesting. You will be given the chance to re-connect with mother nature itself and enjoy the benefits of living in harmony with all that’s alive around you.

Winter River Ambience

Its true, technology helped providing a safer, faster and healthier life for all human beings all around the world, however, nobody should forget that we’re connected with nature and everything that surrounds us. And just like the wisdom teeth are stubborn enough to grow thousands of years past their genetical absolution, the instinct to return in the nature and get rid of all the technology and concrete, is not going away either.

Winter Ambience

Sure, this doesn’t mean that you should quit your job and go live Mowgli in the Jungle Book. It’s enough to remember every once in a while, that your body needs this sort of re-connection with nature in order to function properly.

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