Noisy River: Sound of Water Flowing of a Raging River | Sound of Nature

At this point it might not come as a surprise that people that choose to listen to recorded nature sounds or simply go deep in a forest or near a waterfall to enjoy the symphony of nature, are a lot more probable to deliver more productive work and be able to focus better. Researchers weren’t able to put a direct link between the benefits of listening to nature sounds and an increase in focus and productivity, however, there’s clearly something going on there.

This is not going to go well with the fans of scientific evidence and raw data, however, the best bet to why nature sounds and simply spending time in nature is so beneficial for human beings might rest in the simple fact that it’s hard-coded in our DNA. And no matter how technologically advanced homo sapiens will get in the future, the need to re-connect and maintain a close connection with nature and the very source of energy that powers this planet, will not be erased.

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