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The calming sound of a river flowing down a crossing to the other site of the forest. Relaxing sound for meditation, work, study and falling asleep faster

Nature sounds are relaxing for your body and mind

When you’re tired, overworked, distracted and unable to sleep at night, what do you resort to? Unfortunately, these conditions are worryingly common these days. Stress levels have gone up, our lives move at a faster pace, and these, among other factors, create a vicious circle that leaves us helpless and anxious. We can’t cope with the stresses of daily life and are left burned out and at the mercy of harmful medication. What if we told you there’s a simple, healthy, sustainable way to break out of this vicious circle in non-severe cases? You probably won’t believe us, but you don’t have to, you can give it a try without any cost! The solution is listening to relaxing nature sounds. You can do it right here on Sound of Nature or on the YouTube channel. We have a lot of relaxing sounds to choose from

As we stated, it cannot replace medication, especially not in severe cases, but it can help most people to calm down the body and mind. Whether you’re a student preparing for exams or got much homework, a businessman dealing with a fall in turnover, a housewife overwhelmed with an untidy house and a demanding family, or a CEO with a high-stress job and the resultant insomnia, relaxing nature sounds affect you at a primitive level and soothe the animal in you. Scientists found that listening to nature sounds helps because it takes us back to the time when we lived in forests and lived on what we could hunt or gather. The sound of nature appeals to something visceral in us and tells us that everything is okay. We feel like we’re in the middle of nature and we feel its quiet, inestimable power

River nature sound

Many people have started using relaxing nature sounds for sleep therapy. They simply play the sounds at night while they go through their nightly ritual, going to the bathroom, washing their face, brushing their teeth, etc., which gives them some time to get used to the sound. Then they go to bed as usual and focus on the sounds, turning them up if necessary. This helps them block out other discordant background noises, and the repetitive sounds help them sleep. If you live near a forest, you may experience something similar at night when cicadas and other insects start to buzz and chirp. This overrides all other sounds and helps us relax

Listening to nature sounds can boost your productivity

Now, what about productivity? How can nature sounds help you work or study better? In part, they cut out background sounds. You aren’t distracted by the noises around you. We often don’t realize how many background noises float around us every day, the traffic, people talking, the sound of the elevator, music, the sound of printers, construction…so much more. Just blocking these sounds is enough of an advantage, but nature sounds have other benefits as well. The repetition helps us unwind when we’re trying to sleep, and it also helps us focus. It makes it less likely, harder, in fact, for our mind to wander, and so we’re able to focus better on the task at hand. There’s another small benefit of listening to nature sounds at work, scientists have found that people who listened to nature sounds at work had a better mood. This sounds odd, but it makes perfect sense when you think about it. We associate the sound of nature with relaxation and being stress-free

People go out to riverside resorts and to the beach to relax. While there, they forget about work and about all their worries. They wind down, they relax. Nature is our solace. When you go for a hike in a forest or even grow some plants in your garden, you feel calm and happy. This is because nature has a positive effect on us. So if you listen to the sounds of nature regularly, your mood is bound to be better overall. Close your eyes; let’s go on a journey. Put on a calming nature sound clip and listen to it for a while. Let it override the noises around you and replace your environment. Keep your eyes closed and see through your mind…

Imagine you’re on a picnic by the riverside. It’s a small river out in the middle of nowhere, and you hiked out with your dog and a hamper of food. Lie back on the sheet. Do you feel the springy grass under you? Do you see the clear blue skies above you? Do you feel the cool spray from the river, the gentle breeze flowing past you? Birds are twittering in the forest, a few meters away. Do you hear them? Sit up and gaze at the river. Do you see the colorful little fish swimming in it? Big and small, bright and dark, they’re all in the river and they’re happy there. Do you see small animals inching close to take a drink, watching you warily? Wave at them. There’s a mongoose! Further off, you can see a kingfisher sitting on a plant. It’s watching the water, looking for its lunch. What else do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? It’s not a dream if it feels real enough. If river nature sounds is not your cup of tea, then check out the rest of our site for other sounds

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