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The sound of a waterfall and birds chirping in the forest. This beautiful summer landscape video will also make a nice 4K nature screensaver for your TV or monitor. 3 hours of calming nature sounds to help you relax your body and mind. If you want the video even longer, right-click the video player and select Loop.

Benefits of Listening to Zen Waterfall Sounds for Work

Many people use white noise, calm music or nature sounds while working or studying. The idea is that the sound overshadows other annoying background sounds like traffic noises, co-workers, loud music, and since it’s pleasant and repetitive, it creates a nice atmosphere in which you can focus while nature sounds blends in and don't take your attention away. It’s great for working, studying or sleeping, and YouTube has numerous sound clips of great length for those who like to leave it on overnight. But here’s the big question: Does it actually help? Does listening to nature sounds really help you focus or unwind? How can it do both?

Does listening to nature sounds help?

It does! The Acoustical Society of America found that employees who listened to relaxing nature sounds as they worked were more productive, and had a better mood. This makes sense because nature sounds are not only relaxing, but they also serve as a natural white noise. So, they block out the background noises at your workplace and minimize distractions such as other employees’ conversations, computer noises, doors closing, and notifications. In addition, listening to these sounds will help you feel relaxed and energetic, thus preventing boredom from arising. If you’re feeling good, you’ll naturally get more done. Try it out for yourself

According to Huffington Post, many offices are starting to use white noise as a "sound masking system" to filter out other distracting sounds, which we think is a brilliant idea. If nature sounds are played to the whole office, overall productivity levels should go up. If you’ve had an unproductive week and are hoping to make up for it, here’s your chance. However, as a musicologist explained, you need the right nature sounds if you want to see results. Non-rhythmic or high-pitched sounds like birdcalls may be distracting, so they’re best used for relaxing or meditating, as opposed to for work, sleep or study. Rhythmic sounds like ocean waves or the sound of a waterfall are ideal for these purposes, my own personal favorite for work is the sound of rivers flowing. On the flip side, some sounds may make you slightly drowsy. So play around with different sounds, and see what works for you. Everyone is different, so there’s no rule to what sounds works out best

Popular nature sounds for work

Some popular sounds include forest sounds, rainfall or rivers, birdsong, thunderstorms, lightning, waterfalls, streams, ocean waves and the sound of wind blowing and howling. Other non-natural white noises include a busy coffee café and classical music. It can be helpful listening to soothing nature sounds, while studying it’s best to wear a headphone, so other noises are canceled out better. If you listen to nature sounds while sleeping, it’s a good idea to turn up the volume on your computer and leave it on. Headphones or earphones may get in the way and interrupt sleep. You can browse through our collection of nature sounds, and choose one that works for you. Most of these work both ways, i.e., they can be used for sleeping, or for staying awake and focused. Sometimes that may cause you to feel drowsy as you try to work, that probably means you’re overworked! Take a short break if you can, wash your face, take a cold shower, maybe take a short walk around the block, and then tackle the task at hand with renewed energy. It’s a good idea to take breaks every hour while studying as well. A tired brain is not very productive and makes it harder to focus

Waterfall sounds for sleeping or studying

The video above is three hours long and has a pleasant waterfall sound. Step out of the humdrum, hectic city life and dip your toes into refreshingly cool water as a waterfall roars close to you. It’s a gorgeous, large waterfall, with hundreds of liters of freshwater traveling through it every minute. Birds and animals, whether small or large come to it to drink. Beautiful little fish swim in it. Does it have a rainbow? Perhaps a boulder sticking out of the middle, or a cave hidden behind the waterfall? We’ll leave those details up to you. Treat the video as inspiration, not fact. Go on a journey. Let your mind wander and take you wherever you want to

You can use our videos of nature sounds for sleeping, meditating, working and studying. Had a bad day at work, or have a stressful match coming up? Unwind with our clips. Close your eyes, lie back, and imagine you’re out in the middle of nowhere, with no deadlines or to-do lists…  Imagine you’re lying on a springy bed of moss, with birds twittering around your head as you rest. Butterflies sit on you, and small animals scurry past looking for food. The sounds in these clips don’t have to be just sounds, they can be your gateway to a better life. If you can’t escape your worries in real life, you can at least get a couple hours of uninterrupted peace, of freedom, as you listen to these sounds. Check also out our waterfall nature sounds section for more relaxing videos. If you want something else, see the other sections, we got lots of sounds for you

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