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What Do Waterfalls Sound Like

Waterfall sound effects are mesmerizing, and that is probably why waterfall noises are among the most listened to nature sounds.  Waterfall noise is often used as white noise to drown out artificial noise.  The sound of a waterfall is loud, and since they are usually deep in the wilderness - as the ones we've filmed are - there usually aren't any other noises nearby waterfalls, such as people, automobiles, and all of the other noises that break our concentration and crowd out our inner peace.

We've captured small and loud waterfalls for our guests here.  The smaller waterfalls sound like a flowing river or small waves crashing on a beach.  The larger waterfalls that we've filmed sound more like a continuous deafening roar of cascading water.

Waterfall SFX

Water SFX can be used to promote relaxation, stress-reduction, inner-peace, rest, rejuvenation, sleep, baby sleep, focus, study, and more.  If you are looking for waterfall SFX to use, just go to the Waterfall Noises Home Page.  Here, you can listen to mp3 sounds of waterfalls.  Why listen to computer-generated waterfall sounds when you can listen to the real thing any time on Sound of Nature.

Waterfall Sound Loop

In this video, we have filmed 5+ hours of footage of a large waterfall.  The sound is loud, the ambience is beautiful, and the setting is peaceful.  Whether you are looking for waterfall sound effects to relax to, or you're looking for a video you can play on your smart TV while you study, this is a great choice for you!  Hear the waterfall sound loop for 10 hours of endless video - enough to put you to sleep, play all night while you sleep, and play in the morning when you wake up.  Play this waterfall SFX video for ultimate relaxation.

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